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1929 OX-5 Waco 10
Owned by Chad & Betty, this very original airplane was
restored in all details including rebuilding the engine.
Betty's Corben
A beautiful Corben Baby Ace Model D with pilot Betty
lovingly flying her.
Piper Cub Coupe
Restored & modified to homebuilt category with 3 seats &
O-200 Continental engine. Excellent S.T.O.L. performance.
Our "pickup truck" airplane.
L-Spatz Sailplane German L-Spatz Sailplane
Restored by Chad in 1989 and flown for 50 hours, several flights over 5 hours duration and 7,000 ft altitude gained.
Pratt-Read Training Glider
Built for the US Navy and used in WWII. This one weighed 980 lbs. empty and was restored for its owner, Arlen Anderson of Oregon.
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