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Props • Custom Made for Any Application
All props shown were hand made by Chad.
Props • Before & After
An original prop that was completely restored.
Special Woods Utilized
Alternating Birch & Walnut.
laminations make an interesting
effect for some propellers.
Prop Blanks
A 9' long propeller stars out with even bigger
11'-12' boards. In this case Black Walnut
for a 1916 Sowith Triplane replica.
Finished Prop
Starting with 125 lbs. of material Chad fashioned a
propeller weighing 30 lbs. All work is hand done.
160hp Gnome Rotary Prop
For Sopwith Camel reproduction airplane.
3 Cylinder Anzani Prop
For 1910 Bleriot airplane.
Original style design.
300hp Lycoming Radial Brass Tipped
For Ryan M-1 replica airplane.
1910 Curtiss Pusher Prop
For use with Hall-Scott engine.
Original style design.
Propeller New Hispano-Suiza Propeller
180hp for Waco 10
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