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Rare 1910 Anzani "Militaire:
Extremely rare engine, acquired in England,
is being overhauled for use in a Bleriot replica
Unavailable parts are being manufactured from
1927 Velie M-5 65hp:
This engine has been in Chad's Family for 63 years!
1910 Gnome 50 hp Rotary
To be used in Bleriot Replica
1918 Curtiss OX-5
90 horsepower tuning a 102" prop at 1400 rpm max.
Bore "4", stroke "5"
Rebuild completed 2001.

OX-5 Article - Click Here

E-107 1929 Aeronca E-107
30HP motor. Serial #6.
Used in the Aeronca C-2
Overhauled for Mehlin Smith, Chicago.
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