Bleriot Project
Chad and Betty are building a "1909 Bleriot" from the ground up, including rebuilding the powerplant. Check back often for progress reports & photos of project. Click the photo for updates.
Wille Family
Chad & Betty's St. Croix Aircraft Homestead
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Chad has dedicated his life to the preservation of antique airplanes. Betty shares his love of flying. Both are pilots & own antique airplanes.

He has designed "period" planes utilizing modern construction techniques in an effort to keep early aircraft styles flying.

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Chad holds A&P and Inspection Authorization mechanic ratings. His pilot ratings include:
Commercial: Single and Multiengine airplane, land and sea. Instrument. Helicopter. Gyroplane. Glider. Free Balloon.
Flight Instructor: Single and Multiengine airplane. Instrument. Helicopter. Gyroplane. Glider. Free Balloon.

Motors Rebuilt
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